Year 1

A warm welcome to everyone who has joined Year 1, this year. The children have had a wonderful start to the term and have settled into the new routines of KS1. This week, we are launching our new topic, ‘Destination Outer Space’. The children will be introduced to a new text and will be practising writing simple sentences about the character and story, exploring different adjectives to use in their sentences. This half term, we are mastering being able to say the sentence we want to write, using finger spaces between each word and reading back what we have written.

In Maths, the children will be reading and writing numbers. They will be recognising 1 more and 1 less than a given number, counting on from a number and comparing numbers.

In history, the children will be learning about significant people and events to do with space. In Art, we will be exploring the colour wheel and learning about colour mixing. We will use our paint skills to create space art inspired by Joe Van Wetering in the coming weeks.

In Science, we will be exploring materials and their properties and describing what materials different objects are made from.

From our experience the Horsell Village our child is happy at the Horsell village School and loves learning school pastoral care has been fantastic
Parent Survey 2023