Online Safety

Online Safety is an important part of safeguarding our children here at The Horsell Village School.

Online safety encompasses:

  • Internet technologies
  • Electric communications- via mobile phones, games consoles, wireless technology
  • The need to teach educate our children about the benefits, risks and responsibilities of using information technology

Here at The Horsell Village School we have extensive security measures in place, which are monitored both internally and externally. Online safety is taught through all aspects of our curriculum as well as directly through our Computing and PSHE lessons. For more information, please visit the Computing section of the website. Please see below for recent Parent Information Powerpoints.

We work closely with parents, providing advice and guidance through monthly newsletters and parent workshops as well as providing up to date information about local patterns and trends when they occur.

Online Safety Policy

At The Horsell Village School, we teach the children these rules when using the Internet. We have it displayed on all our devices.


Top Tips for Parents

Online Safety


To report any online safety concerns

Please Visit CEOP - Click Here

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