Vision, Aims & School Development Plan

The Horsell Village School Aims (2022 to 2025)

Aim 1

Create a high achievement and success culture.


Aim 2

Create an effective whole school community partnership.


Aim 3

Create effective working conditions and development opportunities for all.


The Horsell Village School Vision

  • Our children will be happy, secure and confident individuals that ask questions, challenge thinking and are motivated to learn.
  • Our children will be active and engaged learners, experiencing a first-class education with a high achievement culture.
  • Enquiry and Investigation and the Arts will be at the heart of a curriculum, which enables children to apply their learning, take risks and respond positively to challenge.
  • Our children will experience quality first teaching and provision that will ensure that they are inspired, engaged and motivated to learn through purposeful learning- equipping then with the skills and knowledge to continue as life-long learners.


Our School Motto

Kindness to yourself
Kindness to others
Kindness to the world


School Development Plan 2023 to 2024

Key Priority 1

To use curriculum design and assessment procedures to further develop teaching and learning.


Key Priority 2

To continue to improve Reading and Writing outcomes across the whole school.


Key Priority 3

To develop coaching practice across the whole school to continue to develop teaching and learning.

From our experience the Horsell Village our child is happy at the Horsell village School and loves learning school pastoral care has been fantastic
Parent Survey 2023