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At The Horsell Village School we are passionate about learning therefore we aim to offer a wide variety of extra-curricular activities to help expand the children’s knowledge and enhance their development.

Clubs timetable - Spring Term

 Look at the timetable above to see when the clubs are held, then select the day to find more details about the club.

After School


Street Dance

Monday 3pm-4pm open to all years

Energetic, fun, fancy footwork, big leaps &quick turns. Our classes are full of current pop songs that will keep you humming all the way home.


Genie Lab

Monday 3pm-4pm open to all years

A hands-on club where children can experiment and learn in a fun, safe environment and develop a love of science.



Monday 3pm-4pm open to all years

Lego Legends clubs are designed to offer children of all ages the perfect balance of freestyle Lego building and carefully selected themed builds to ignite creativity and confidence. To book visit 

Before School


Wake & Stretch

Tuesdays 8.00am-8.45amm open to all years

This is a new club starting in January. A vibrant and joyful way for children to start their day with enthusiasm, positivity, and a burst of energy. This before-school program is dedicated to promoting physical fitness, emotional well-being, and mental clarity in children of all ages, all while having a whole lot of fun.  




Chess Club

This is a structured but fun course for years 1 & 2. By the end of a term your child will be able to play chess. Chess has been linked with improving children’s concentration, problem-solving, critical, original and creative thinking – and even mathematical abilities. Due to the structure of the course new starters are only recommended at the start of a new term.


Spanish Club

Giving children a fun introduction to the Spanish language & culture and inspiring them for future learning. Suitable for years 1 & 2.


After School


Ultimate Coaching Football Yr R 

Ultimate Coaching Football Yr 1 & 2

Tuesdays 3pm-4.15pm open to Yr 1 & 2 (Reception from the Spring term)

Our FA qualified, professional coaches deliver fun, active football sessions which include learning new skills and techniques, small-sided games and competitions with chances to win awards for performance and achievement. Please note bookings are made half termly to allow for greater flexibility. Reception children are invited to join the club from the start of the Spring term.


French Club Yr 1

A fun introduction to the French language with a variety of interactive oral activities, games, songs, rhymes, stories and puppets.


After School 

Art with Rose

Wednesday 3pm-4pm

An opportunity for children to express themselves as creatively as they like, and take home their fun, mixed media art work every week.  


Wednesday 3pm-4pm open to all years

The sessions are designed to bring out the very best in each and every little Rock star. Our classes are fun, welcoming and celebrate the joy of singing. 

Sporty Kidz

Wednesdays 3pm-4pm open to all years

Multi-Sports Club - Throughout the year children will try Football, TAG Rugby, Hockey, Tennis, Athletics, Dodgeball, Basketball, Benchball, Cricket and Rounders! 

Sporty Kidz invite you to come join in the fun with their energetic games, where your child will learn a variety of sports skills with a big smile on their face, led by their team of sports coaches.


French Club Yr 2

A fun introduction to the French language with a variety of interactive oral activities, games, songs, rhymes, stories and puppets.  

Woking Gym Club

open to all years

Offering gymnastics classes for all abilities in a fun and friendly environment. 




Theatre with Rose

Thursday 3pm-4pm

An opportunity for the children to unleash their creativity, burn some energy & have fun, while developing confidence, co-ordination & social skills.  

Code Camp

Thursday 3pm-4pm for Yrs 1 & 2

Our Little Coders after-school club is designed for our youngest coders who want to learn the basic principles of coding in a fun, practical and exciting way. Building on the KS1 computing curriculum, students will learn about simple algorithms, loops, variables, animation, level design and more through coding their own simple games. 



After School

Sporty Kidz

Friday 3pm-4pm open to all years

Tennis - Children will learn the fundamental skills of mini tennis with their lighter balls and smaller courts ideal for beginner players. Lots of fun for all! 

Multi-Skills - Through their fun and energetic Sporty Kidz games your child will learn a variety of skills with a big smile on their face, led by our team of sports coaches. 


Contacting the clubs

If you wish to enquire about any of our clubs please contact the club leaders directly. Details of the clubs can be found by clicking on the club name which is located under the day the club is held.


Check before you book

Please bear in mind when considering booking a club that club leaders are not normally able to facilitate taking the children at the end of the activity across the road to Horsell Village After School Club. You would need to have this agreed and arranged in advance with the club leader.


Reception Children

Please note Reception children are not offered the option to join the clubs for the first half of the Autumn Term while they are settling in. After which it is at the discretion of the club.

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