Year 2


All aboard! We are heading to London!

This month we are beginning our 'Bright Lights, Big City' topic which is all about our capital city. We will be exploring its famous landmarks and learning some of its history including the Great Fire of London. 

We will be using the artwork of Paul Catherall to inspire prints for our own souvenir bags, investigating materials that bags can be made of in Science,  and designing our own multi-block prints in D.T. 

As artists, we will be learning how to use light, mid and dark tones to help draw buildings and exploring a range of pencils. 

We will be using the text, Katie in London to help star us on our fabulous learning journey and using the tory to create poems and stories of our own!


From our experience the Horsell Village our child is happy at the Horsell village School and loves learning school pastoral care has been fantastic
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