Year 2


This month sees us continuing on our learning journey into the rainforests of the world and the animals and creatures that call them home.


In Science, we will be observing changes over time and investigating , ‘What Rots’. We have made careful predictions using what we know and will now see how objects left on the ground might change. In addition to our observations, we will also be learning about food chains and comparing plants that we might see in this country to those found in the rainforests.


In English, we will be using the text, ‘The Great Green Forest’ as inspiration for our writing. We will be creating expanded noun phrases and practising using conjunctions.


In Maths, we will be learning how to read scales that help us to determine different measurements including length, height, capacity and temperatures.


We will be learning all about the life of Wangari Maathai; an inspirational African environmentalist, who was responsible for the planting of tens of millions of trees all across Kenya


From our experience the Horsell Village our child is happy at the Horsell village School and loves learning school pastoral care has been fantastic
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